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Top realtors with an in-depth understanding of the area using customized strategies to make your real estate dreams come true.

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Our real estate agents are super famous for providing great one-of-a-kind service, carefully creating real estate experiences that totally match your specific realty needs and preferences.

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We’re all about being professional and thorough, so you can bet your real estate deals will go off without a hitch. No need to stress, we’ve got you covered with top-notch results and a total peace of mind.


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We’ve got you covered with a whole range of perks, making sure every deal goes smoothly, every decision is well-informed, and every interaction is customized to match your real estate dreams. Our team is made up of the best Edmonton realtors who will inform and guide you to the optimal outcomes you are seeking.

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Get ready to rock your real estate journey! We’ve got all the insider knowledge and pro tips to help homebuyers make the perfect decisions. Work with a top realtor that aligns with your dreams and future goals.

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Experience super smooth transactions that are taken care of with such attention to detail, you’ll be feeling totally confident the whole way through. Our commitment to excellence is with you every step of the way!


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Only the best Edmonton realtors means we’ve got your back when it comes to all things real estate in Edmonton top to bottom. Whether you’re looking for your first home, a savvy investor looking for opportunities, or just trying to sell your place without losing your mind, our seasoned crew of real estate agents will be there to hold your hand. We’re all about making sure your journey through Edmonton’s crazy real estate market is as smooth as butter, my friend. So chill, relax, and let some seriously good realtors take charge!
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Single Family Home Real Estate Agents

Best for homebuyers and sellers.

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Luxury Homes Real Estate Agents

Best for high end properties.

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Condos Real Estate Agents

Great for downtown Edmonton.

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Investment Real Estate Agents

Best for savvy realty investors.

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Commercial Real Estate Agents

Best for real estate companies.

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New Home Real Estate Agents

Great for new Edmonton properties.


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Only the best real estate agents have a solid reputation for getting things done right and making clients happy. We’re more than a real estate company.

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"Looking for the right home in Edmonton felt like a huge challenge with my busy schedule. I needed the best realtor available outside of big firms like Remax Edmonton and all the other real estate companies. These folks totally changed the game for us. They really get the market and tailored everything to fit just what we needed without wasting time. And talk about smooth sailing through the paperwork and all. Our family has gotten what we wanted at a price that we could manage. We didn't feel rushed and felt comfortable all the way. If you're looking for a top real estate agent this is it. Would highly recommend this team."
Jay Selbston
"I was a bit wary about putting my property on the market in Edmonton - it's pretty competitive out there. But teaming up with the crew from Best Edmonton Realtors was a game-changer. They know their stuff, from eye-catching marketing to sharp negotiating, and they didn't just sell my place quickly - they got me a price that went beyond what I was expecting. The care and effort they put in every step of the way was something else. I’d give them a shout-out to anyone thinking of selling in Edmonton and wants to deal with only the best realtors."
Rory Grainger
"Diving into the Edmonton real estate scene seemed super daunting at first, but the agents at BER totally flipped the script for me. I needed a dedicated realtor Edmonton based that knew the city. Found them on Zillow. They've got all the insider info and tailored their help to fit me just right. Every part of the process felt like they had my back. They were all about making sure I was happy every step of the way. And what did I end up with? The ideal new home and a house-hunting adventure that was actually fun. Huge thanks to the whole team, especially my Edmonton real estate agent."
R.J. McEleveen

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Find quick answers to common queries about our real estate services and processes.

We stand out for our personalized approach, in-depth local market knowledge, and commitment to seamless, successful transactions. We ensure each customer receives bespoke service from top real estate agents that perfectly align with their unique real estate goals. Our commitment to excellence exceeds other vendors and brokers.

Absolutely. Our team is equipped with the expertise to broker clients through every aspect of the real estate journey, whether it’s buying the perfect property or selling your home at the best value.

We use a comprehensive market analysis approach, considering current market trends, property condition, location, real estate appraisal and comparable sales, to determine the most accurate and beneficial pricing for your property. We’ll use industry tools, MLS and so on.

We work exclusively in the following areas: Edmonton North, Edmonton South West, Edmonton East, Edmonton West and Central Edmonton.

For your first meeting, it’s helpful to have a clear idea of your real estate objectives, budget, preferred locations, and any important property features. This information will help us tailor our services to your specific needs right from the start.

The timeline can vary based on market conditions, property type, and individual circumstances. However, our team strives to make the process as efficient as possible, keeping you informed and engaged at every step. Making sure you have a pre-approval in place from select mortgage lenders at an interest rate you like helps to move things along faster.

Edmonton Real Estate Buying Guide

A real estate agent helps people buy and sell houses. They know all about homes for sale in Edmonton and can help you find one you love.

The best realtors know a lot about buying homes and can make sure you find a great one. They help with all the steps, from looking at houses to buying one.

First, find a good real estate agent. Then, look at houses until you find one you like. Your agent will help you make an offer and finish buying the house.

Quality checks are like a report card for a house. They tell you if everything in the house works right, like the water and lights, so you know it’s a good home.

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It’s a big list of all the houses for sale. Your realtor can show you this list to find houses in Edmonton.

Closing a sale means finishing up all the steps to buy your house. It’s when you and the seller agree on everything, and you get the keys to your new home.

It’s important to choose realtors who are known for being good and honest. Top realtors in Edmonton work well with families to find their perfect home.

Tell your real estate agent that you love it, and they will help you make an offer. If the seller agrees, your agent will help you with the next steps to buy it.

It might take a few weeks or a few months. It depends on how quickly you find a house you want and how fast the seller and your agent can finish the sale.

A real estate team includes your agent, a banker for your loan, and sometimes a lawyer. They all work together to make sure everything goes right when you buy your house.

Selling Your Edmonton Home

Make your house look nice and clean. Fix little things that are broken so people will love your house when they see it.

Staging is when you arrange your house to look its best for people who come to see if they want to buy it.

Listing your house on the MLS means lots of people can see it is for sale. This helps find a buyer faster.

A good listing has nice pictures and tells all the good things about your house, like how big it is and where it is.

A top realtor knows how to find people who might want to buy your house. They can talk to them and help you get a good price.

Best Edmonton Realtor is a top realtor!

Look for someone who has sold lots of houses and who lots of people say is really good.

Sometimes changing the pictures or the price can help. Your realtor can give you good advice on what to do.

It can take a few weeks or a few months, depending on how many people are looking for houses and how nice your house is.

Yes, but it might be harder. Realtors know how to deal with all the paperwork and find buyers faster.

There’s paperwork to finish, and you’ll agree on a day when the buyer pays you and gets the keys.

Investing in Edmonton Real Estate

Investing in real estate means buying properties like houses or apartments to make money, either by renting them out or selling them later when their prices go up.

A good real estate agent knows all about houses for sale and can help you find the best ones that can make you more money later.

Market growth potential means how much the value of houses in Edmonton might increase. If it’s high, it means houses could become worth a lot more.

Look for a realtor who has lots of experience and very good reviews from other people who invest in houses.

It’s smart to think about investing in different kinds of properties like homes or condos that many people might want to rent or buy.

The MLS lists all the properties for sale. Your realtor can use it to find great investment opportunities for you.

You should learn about the costs, how to manage a property, and how much money you might make from it.

A good location means more people might want to live there, which makes the property more valuable and easier to rent or sell.

Yes, like all investments, it can be risky, but working with a knowledgeable realtor can help reduce the risks.

You can make money by renting out the property to others or selling it for more than you paid when its value goes up.

Luxury Properties in Edmonton

A luxury home in Edmonton is a really big and beautiful house with lots of special things like big yards, pools, and fancy kitchens.

Top realtors know all about the best big houses and can help you find a really nice one quickly.

Luxury homes are bigger, have more rooms, and are in the best parts of town. They also have things like movie rooms or swimming pools.

Your realtor can show you a list from the MLS, which is where all the houses for sale are listed, including fancy ones.

Look for big spaces, nice views, and extra special things like big closets or a place for your toys.

Yes, because they are bigger and nicer, they cost a lot more money.

Look for someone who has sold lots of big fancy houses and everyone says they are great.

That’s when a special house is only shown by one realtor, so not everyone can see it.

Yes, your realtor can show you pictures online so you can see if you like the house before you visit.

People buy them because they are beautiful and comfortable, and they have everything you could want in a house.

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Commercial Real Estate Agent Insights

A real estate agent who knows about businesses can help you find the best places for your store or office because they know all the good spots.

Commercial real estate is where businesses are. It can be:
Or other spaces that cater to businesses of all kinds. Edmonton’s outer regions and inner regions are well seasoned with commercial properties.

A lease agreement is a paper that tells you how long you can stay in a place you’re renting for your business and how much you need to pay.

The best realtors can help make sure your lease agreement is good and fair, and they help you understand all the big words in it.

A good location is easy for people to get to, near other shops or services, and in a place where lots of people go.

You should know how much it costs, what you’re allowed to do in the space, and how long you can stay there.

A commercial realtor knows a lot about buying places for businesses. They can help you find a great place that’s worth the money.

It means how much a place where businesses are is worth. If lots of businesses want to be there, it’s usually worth more.

Yes, buying can be a good idea if you plan to stay there a long time. A realtor can help you find the perfect place to buy.

A good location can help you get more customers, make more money, and make your business more popular.

First-Time Homebuyers

A real estate agent helps you find homes within your budget and guides you on how to buy one.

A good realtor knows lots about houses and can help you find the best one without any problems.

First, figure out how much money you can spend, then look for houses that fit your budget with the help of a realtor.

You can borrow money from banks for your house, called a mortgage, or check if there are special programs to help you pay.

The MLS is a big list of all the houses for sale. Your realtor can use it to find houses that are good for you.

Make sure the house is in good shape, check that everything works, and that you like the area it’s in.

Your realtor can check prices of similar houses to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

Yes, you can try to negotiate. Your realtor can help you offer a price that’s good for you and fair to the seller

Your realtor will help you make an offer, and if the seller agrees, they will help you with all the paperwork to finish buying it.

A real estate team includes your realtor, a loan officer, and sometimes a lawyer who all work together to make sure you buy your house without any problems.

Edmonton Neighborhood Profiles

Neighborhoods that are great for families have good schools, parks, and are safe to play outside. They also have friendly people living there.

Some neighborhoods are getting more popular because they have new houses, good schools, and fun places to go like shops and parks.

Living quality means how nice it is to live somewhere. This includes clean streets, good schools, and lots of parks and stores nearby.

A neighborhood with good amenities has things like schools, parks, shopping centers, and hospitals close by.

A good real estate agent can tell you about different neighborhoods and help you find one that has what you need, like a good school or a big park.

Look for neighborhoods where more people want to move in because houses there might increase in value and you can make money in the future.

Neighborhoods that are great for kids have lots of families, schools, and places to play, making them fun and safe for children.

Edmonton’s top neighborhoods are special because they have the best schools, newest homes, and lots of fun things to do.

Having a park nearby makes a neighborhood nicer because you have a place to play and relax, and it makes the area look beautiful.

Living near good transportation means it’s easier to get to school or to the store, and it can make it quicker for your family to go places.

Real Estate Market Trends in Edmonton

Market trends tell us how houses are selling in Edmonton, like if more people are buying homes or if prices are going up.

Knowing recent sales data helps us understand how much money houses are being sold for right now in Edmonton.

If lots of people want to buy houses, the prices might go up, which can make it expensive for your family to buy a new home.

Investment impacts mean how buying a house affects your money, like if you can sell it for more money later.

Investment impacts mean how buying a house affects your money, like if you can sell it for more money later.

Realtors look at how many houses are being sold and what prices they are being sold at to guess what might happen next.

The MLS is a big list of all the houses for sale. It helps realtors keep track of what’s available and how much it costs.

Yes, if you choose a good house in a nice area, it might be worth more money in a few years.

Market growth is good because it means houses might get more valuable, and that’s good if you own a house.

Ask them about how fast houses are selling and what the prices are like compared to last year.

A great neighborhood for investment usually has new developments, good schools, and lots of shops or restaurants. These things make more people want to live there, which can make property prices go up over time.

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