Balwin Edmonton Real Estate: Trends and Opportunities in 2024

A bustling street in Baldwin, Edmonton, lined with colorful real estate signs and busy with potential buyers and sellers

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As a well-informed individual in the field of Canadian real estate, I can attest to the growing interest in Balwin, Edmonton as a desirable location to invest in property. Nestled in Northeast Edmonton, Balwin offers a range of housing options, from single detached homes to small apartments and townhomes. In 2024, the Balwin real estate market is capturing the attention of potential homeowners and investors alike, looking for properties in a community that promises both a quiet residential feel and accessibility to urban conveniences.

In my exploration of Balwin’s market, I’ve noticed that the neighbourhood predominantly features homes with four or more bedrooms, which appeals to larger families seeking space and comfort. Starter homes and smaller residences are also available, catering to first-time buyers and those with a keen eye for investing in real estate that has potential for appreciation. With prices beginning at remarkably approachable figures, the diversity of real estate in Balwin presents a plethora of opportunities for various budgets.

Balwin’s appeal is further bolstered by its proximity to schools, parks, and local amenities, coupled with the ease of connectivity to the rest of Edmonton. For individuals who value community and connectivity, Balwin is proving to be an attractive option for setting down roots or for making strategic real estate investments in 2024. As real estate continues to be a cornerstone of personal and financial growth in Canada, keeping an eye on evolving neighbourhoods like Balwin is a sound strategy for anyone interested in the Canadian housing market.

Understanding the Balwin Real Estate Market

A bustling street in Balwin, with colorful "For Sale" signs lining the sidewalks. Families and couples are seen entering and exiting various homes, while real estate agents chat with potential buyers

In my analysis of the Balwin real estate market, I focus on the current trends and available property types. This Edmonton neighbourhood is showing distinctive patterns in pricing and housing styles that potential buyers and investors should consider.

Market Trends and Price Range

The Balwin housing market in Northeast Edmonton exhibits a diverse price range. As of March 2024, Single Family Homes have seen a decrease in median list price to $284,137, compared to $305,815 in February 2024, indicating a 7.09% decline month-over-month. Potential buyers should take note of this fluctuation as it could present opportunities.

With regard to the number of homes for sale, there has been a month/month increase of +25%, and the median days on the market now stands at 21 days, which is a decrease from the previous month by -30%. These figures suggest a dynamic market where properties are being listed and transacted at a faster pace compared to the prior period.

Price RangeProperty TypeBedroomsBathrooms
Starting at $94,885Condo/Townhouse1 Bd1 Ba
Median Price: $284,137Single Family House3 Bd2 Ba
Higher SpectrumSingle Family House4 Bd – 5 Bd2 Ba – 3 Ba

Property Types Available

In Balwin, a range of property types cater to different preferences and needs. The Real Estate Listings reflect that most common property types in this neighbourhood include houses, townhouses, and condos. For instance, single family homes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are quite prevalent. These homes are suitable for a variety of buyers, from small families to those looking for comfortable living spaces.

Moreover, condos and townhouses in Balwin offer more affordable options, with prices starting at $94,885. These units often feature 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, making them ideal for individuals or couples. Investors might find these types particularly attractive, considering the entry price point and the rental market in Northeast Edmonton.

Townhouse complexes sometimes present as multi-unit investments, like one mentioned with 1149 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, outfitted with 5 appliances. Properties like these appeal to buyers looking for additional space, modern amenities, and the ease of maintenance that comes with townhome living.

Navigating Real Estate Services

A bustling real estate office with agents meeting clients, discussing listings, and showcasing properties on digital screens. A map of Balwin, Edmonton hangs on the wall

When looking to buy or sell a property in Balwin, Edmonton, I turn to specialized services to streamline the process. The key to successful real estate transactions lies in understanding how to work with real estate professionals and the tools they use, such as the MLS®.

Working with Realtors

I always recommend enlisting the expertise of a Realtor like Best Edmonton Realtor; these are licensed real estate professionals who are members of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). When I work with a Realtor®, I benefit from their:

  • Knowledge: Of local market conditions in Balwin, Edmonton.
  • Negotiation skills: To help me secure a fair price.
  • Professional network: Including mortgage advisors, home inspectors, and lawyers.

Realtors® are bound by a code of ethics that ensures they act in my best interests, providing a quality service throughout my real estate journey.

Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) Explained

The Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) is a comprehensive tool I access with the help of my Realtor®. This database details properties for sale and includes critical information such as:

  • Price: Current listing prices in Balwin, Edmonton.
  • Property details: Such as bedroom count, property size, and amenities.
  • Photographs: Allowing for a preliminary visual inspection.

MLS® is an indispensable resource, facilitating cooperation between Realtors® to help me find the right property or buyer. It ensures that I have the most up-to-date and accurate listings at my fingertips.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate in Balwin

A suburban neighborhood in Balwin, Edmonton with rows of houses, a real estate office, and a "For Sale" sign

Navigating the legalities of real estate in Balwin involves understanding specific laws and regulations, particularly around intellectual property rights and the code of conduct within the industry. I’m here to offer you a concise breakdown of these factors.

Copyright and Trademarks

In the Balwin real estate market, trademarks play a crucial role. The term REALTOR® is a trademark identifying real estate professionals who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and adhere to its strict code. The REALTOR® logo and various other trademarks related to real estate are owned by CREA.

These trademarks signify a standard of quality and service in the real estate industry. As an agent operating in Balwin, I am licensed to use these marks to convey my professional identity and commitment to the CREA’s standards. The use of such logos and marks without an official license is against Canadian copyright and trademark laws.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

When it comes to terms of use and privacy policies, I ensure to maintain strict adherence to the guidelines set forth by CREA’s Cooperative Selling System. The terms of use typically outline the responsibilities between buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. As a client, understanding these terms helps protect your interests during property transactions.

Privacy policies are particularly significant, as they govern how personal information is handled in the industry. I am committed to upholding these policies, taking all necessary steps to ensure that my clients’ private details are secure and used appropriately in accordance with the law. It’s imperative that all my dealings comply with the laid down privacy legislation, ensuring a trusted environment for all parties involved.

Balwin Community and Lifestyle

A vibrant community with modern homes, lush green spaces, and bustling amenities in Edmonton, Balwin

As an Edmonton expert, I find Balwin stands out as a vibrant Northeast Edmonton neighbourhood, characterized by its diverse real estate options and family-friendly atmosphere. Here’s a closer look at education and attractions in Balwin that contribute to its distinct community feel.

Schools and Education

Balwin is served by several educational institutions ensuring residents have access to quality education close to home. Balwin School offers programs from Kindergarten to Grade 9, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and community involvement. Moreover, Princeton School caters to a similar age range and prides itself on its commitment to academic excellence and citizenship.

For high school students, Queen Elizabeth School is accessible from Balwin, providing education from Grades 7-12 and boasting a strong Career and Technology Studies program. Parents and students can contact the respective schools for more information on programs and enrollment.

Local Attractions and Amenities

Balwin’s appeal is enhanced by its array of local amenities that cater to a variety of interests and needs. For leisure and relaxation, the neighbourhood is sprinkled with green spaces and playgrounds, ideal for family outings. Shopping enthusiasts can take advantage of Londonderry Mall, which is just a short drive away and offers a vast selection of retail stores.

Food lovers will find a range of dining options, reflecting the community’s cultural diversity. Additionally, residents benefit from the proximity to health care services, grocery stores, and public transportation options, making Balwin a convenient place to call home.

When considering Balwin real estate, potential buyers will notice a mix of single-family homes, condos, and other housing types that accommodate various lifestyles and life stages. For those looking to move into the area or sell their Balwin property, it’s wise to reach out to licensed REALTOR®s or real estate professionals familiar with the Northeast Edmonton market for informed guidance.


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