Beverly Heights Edmonton Real Estate: Your Guide to Buying and Selling

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Beverly Heights is a charming residential neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, that has been attracting homebuyers looking for a blend of suburban tranquility and accessible urban amenities. With its mature tree-lined streets and diverse housing options, from heritage homes to newer constructions, this community offers a real estate market that caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Its proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley also provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a desirable location for those who appreciate nature and recreation.

As a prospective buyer or real estate enthusiast, Best Edmonton Realtor is keenly aware that the Beverly Heights area boasts a majority of single-family homes alongside some small apartment buildings, reflecting its family-friendly atmosphere. Prices in this neighbourhood can vary, with options starting around the $149,900 mark, providing opportunities for various levels of investment. My familiarity with the area’s real estate dynamics informs me that the market here is active, and properties tend to blend traditional character with modern conveniences.

Understanding the Beverly Heights Market

The bustling Beverly Heights Market with colorful stalls and lively shoppers. Vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings

The Beverly Heights neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, has seen consistent real estate trends, shaping the local market into a unique landscape for potential homebuyers and investors. I’m here to guide you through the Beverly Heights market specifics with current listings, prices, and the types of homes you can expect to find.

Overview of Beverly Heights

Beverly Heights, once a standalone town before amalgamation with Edmonton, is a community that boasts a rich history and diversity in housing. It’s situated along the North Saskatchewan River, providing scenic views and access to river valley parks. Families and professionals are drawn here for its small-town charm combined with city amenities.

Current Homes for Sale

I’ve observed a mixture of listings ranging from recently renovated houses to homes that offer a great opportunity for customization. You can find:

  • Single Family Homes: Predominantly 3-4 bedrooms with 2-3 bathrooms.
  • Condominiums/Townhouses: Options vary, catering to first-time homebuyers or those looking to downsize.

All homes come in various styles, from bungalows to two-storey homes, often featuring spacious yards and detached garages.

Price Range and Property Types

Price Trends:

  • The median list price as of March 2024 was approximately $228,502, showing a slight decrease from the previous month.
  • A historical snapshot shows variances, with average prices once reaching up to $345,375.

Property Types:

  • Detached Homes: These often offer more space, suitable for families or those desiring larger yards.
  • Condos and Townhouses: These are frequently sought after by those looking for lower maintenance lifestyles or more affordable entry points into the housing market.

By considering the current price range and properties available, I can confidently say that Beverly Heights caters to a wide spectrum of homebuyers, from the budget-conscious to those seeking more expansive living solutions.

The Buying Process

Potential buyers explore modern homes in Beverly Heights, Edmonton. Agents guide tours, discuss features, and negotiate offers

When I look to buy a house, a comprehensive understanding of the journey ahead is crucial. Navigating Beverly Heights’ real estate market entails two significant steps: working with industry experts and deciphering property listings.

Working with Real Estate Professionals

I always recommend enlisting the aid of real estate professionals—a Realtor®. These experts have a fiduciary duty to act in my best interests. They offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance throughout the buying process, from viewing homes to negotiating the terms of the sale. It is their responsibility to ensure that I am well-informed and comfortable with all decisions made. A Realtor’s expertise is especially valuable in competitive markets, helping to swiftly navigate through the plethora of listings and legal paperwork.

Understanding MLS Listings

Getting acquainted with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a key step I take. It is a comprehensive database of properties for sale, providing detailed information on each listing. Here’s a simple breakdown to help navigate MLS listings:

  • Address and Price: The basics, which I use to gauge location and affordability.
  • Property Details: From square footage to lot size, understanding these specifics helps me compare and prioritize listings.
  • Realtor® Information: This includes contact details for the listing agent, whom my Realtor® can liaise with for viewings or more information.
  • Photos and Virtual Tours: Visuals give me a better sense of the property before I decide to visit in person.

The MLS is an invaluable tool that I rely on to track the most up-to-date listings and to make informed decisions in the Beverly Heights real estate market. With this service, I have direct access to a wide variety of homes, allowing me to narrow down my search effectively.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

A real estate agent discusses legal and ethical considerations with clients in an office setting

When examining Beverly Heights’ real estate, I observe a complex interplay of legal and ethical issues, central to which are copyright and trademarks, as well as the role of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). These factors govern the use and dissemination of property listings while ensuring industry standards are upheld.

Copyright and Trademarks

I recognize the importance of intellectual property in real estate. In Canada, real estate listings can contain copyrighted material. The Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®), a trademarked system owned by the CREA, provides a comprehensive platform for listing properties. Real estate professionals, including REALTORS®, are granted privileges to use these systems, provided they adhere to the terms of use defined by the CREA. These terms enforce respectful and appropriate use of listing content, protecting it from unauthorized reproduction or use.

The associated logos and trademarks found within the industry, such as REALTOR®, MLS®, and Multiple Listing Service®, have their use governed strictly by trademark laws. Any misuse or infringement of these can lead to severe legal implications and sanctions. It is essential that these are only used by members in good standing and in accordance with guidelines laid out by the governing bodies.

The Role of CREA

The Canadian Real Estate Association plays a pivotal role. As a regulatory body, it ensures ethical practices in the real estate industry. I have discerned that the CREA institutes policies, such as the Realtor Cooperation Policy, which aim to foster fair cooperation and competition among real estate professionals. While such policies have sparked discussions and disagreements, their essence is to balance diverse interests while promoting integrity.

Furthermore, the CREA oversees the correct use of copyrighted material and trademarks. It enforces compliance through policies and may seek legal recourse in cases of violation. Therefore, any representation involving these elements must strictly adhere to the CREA’s stipulations.

Local Insights and Advantages

Aerial view of Beverly Heights, Edmonton real estate with parks, schools, and shopping nearby

In my exploration of Beverly Heights, I’ve noted its particularly strong community ethos, underpinned by excellent local schooling options and a range of community amenities. This close-knit neighbourhood in Northeast Edmonton provides a unique blend of residential peacefulness alongside urban conveniences.

Schools and Community Features

Beverly Heights is home to a selection of schools, ensuring families in the area have access to quality education. Here is a quick look at what you can expect:

  • Public Elementary: Abbott School
  • Public Junior High: Ivor Dent School
  • Public High School: Eastglen School

Each institution is known for its commitment to creating supportive environments that cater to a well-rounded academic and social development for students.

Outside of the educational facilities, Beverly Heights is a stone’s throw away from various parks and the scenic North Saskatchewan River Valley, aligning with those who favour active and outdoor lifestyles. Local community leagues actively enhance the quality of services by organizing social and recreational programs, fostering a welcoming spirit that resonates throughout the area.

Advantages of Living in Northeast Edmonton

As a resident of Northeast Edmonton, which includes the Beverly Heights area, I’ve observed several benefits:

  • Commute Advantage: Quick access to Yellowhead Trail and other major roadways simplifies the daily commute to different parts of the city.
  • Real Estate Value: Compared to other Edmonton neighbourhoods, Beverly Heights offers attractive housing options at competitive price points, with the added benefit of larger lot sizes that are becoming rarer in urban settings.

In essence, Beverly Heights presents a comprehensive suite of advantages, from social cohesion and communal infrastructure to the practical perks of residing in Northeast Edmonton — a segment of the city that prides itself on maintaining a balance of tranquil residential living and essential urban accessibility.


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