Windsor Park Edmonton Real Estate: A Market Overview

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Windsor Park in Edmonton is a highly sought-after neighbourhood, known for its prime location near the University of Alberta and the picturesque North Saskatchewan River valley. The real estate options here are diverse, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. The majority of homes in this area are single-family dwellings, with a history that stretches back to before the 1960s, reflecting the rich architectural heritage of the area.

As a resident of Edmonton, I’ve observed that the real estate market in Windsor Park offers potential buyers a combination of luxury homes and more modest houses, which often feature spacious lots and mature trees. The proximity to top-rated schools, parks, and local amenities makes Windsor Park an ideal place for families and professionals alike. With properties starting around $539,000, the area presents a variety of options, from stunning properties on Saskatchewan Drive NW to quaint homes nestled in the community.

The neighbourhood’s real estate appeal is bolstered by its tranquil atmosphere, green spaces, and access to recreational activities, which are harmoniously balanced with the urban conveniences of Edmonton. Local residents value the community’s friendly environment, and the housing market here reflects both its exclusivity and welcoming nature. The blend of historic charm and modern updates in the properties of Windsor Park speaks to the neighbourhood’s evolving character while maintaining its elegant appeal.

Windsor Park Real Estate Overview

In Best Edmonton Realtors analysis of Windsor Park’s real estate, I’ll cover the latest market trends and price ranges, and give an overview of the types of homes currently for sale in this established Edmonton neighbourhood. You’ll find specifics that can aid your decision-making process if you’re considering Windsor Park as your new home or looking to invest in the area.

Market Trends and Price Range

The real estate market in Windsor Park has shown a steady interest due to its prime location and the availability of diverse options. Listings on the MLS® System reveal prices starting at around $539,000. Prospective buyers can expect a range of prices reflecting the varied housing stock in this neighbourhood.

Historical market trends indicate that Windsor Park experienced a construction boom primarily before the 1960s, which translates to many homes being from that era. Nonetheless, you might come across some newer constructions or renovations that meld modern conveniences with classic designs.

Types of Homes for Sale

Windsor Park boasts a mixture of single detached homes and row houses, providing options for different buyer preferences. The homes for sale tend to be in line with the historical growth of the neighbourhood:

  • Single Detached Homes: A majority of these present older architectural styles with modern upgrades, offering both character and convenience.
  • Row Houses: These are less common but can be a more affordable entry point into the neighbourhood for many homebuyers.

While four or more bedroom homes are available, they might come at a premium given their size and the desirability of the area. For those looking for a lower maintenance lifestyle, the search for a condo or townhouse might require patience, as these styles of housing are rarer in Windsor Park.

Through a Realtor, you can access valuable insights from the MLS® listings, helping to refine your home search and better understand the home prices within Windsor Park. Whether you’re looking for a sprawling family home or a more modest-sized property, I’m here to provide a clear, factual guide to the current offerings in this reputed Edmonton community.

Local Amenities and Lifestyle

The scene includes a vibrant neighborhood with parks, playgrounds, schools, and shopping centers. There are families enjoying outdoor activities, cyclists riding along the streets, and people walking their dogs

In my exploration of Windsor Park in Edmonton, Alberta, I’ve noted its rich array of amenities that cater to education, recreational activities, and easy transportation options, enhancing the neighbourhood’s everyday living experience.

Education and Schools

Windsor Park is a neighbourhood that prides itself on its educational options. The area is host to a number of schools. Most prominently, the University of Alberta, a renowned institution, is just a block away for residents who are seeking higher education or employment opportunities. For families, the community provides access to well-regarded primary and high schools that emphasize a well-rounded education.

Recreation and Green Spaces

Recreational opportunities abound in Windsor Park, a neighbourhood that values outdoor spaces and activities. Families and fitness enthusiasts frequent Saskatchewan Drive and William Hawrelak Park for their scenic views and recreational facilities. Moreover, the neighbourhood boasts a variety of public green spaces, where community events and leisure moments are equally enjoyed.

Transportation and Accessibility

The Windsor Park area excels in its transportation options. Public transit, including various bus lines, is readily available, providing residents with convenient access to the rest of the city. For those with private vehicles, the well-connected streets facilitate ease of travel. Living here, I find it straightforward to navigate through the greater Edmonton region, thanks in part to the neighbourhood’s strategic location and accessibility.

Buying and Selling in Windsor Park

People bustling at Windsor Park, exchanging money and keys for real estate. Homes changing hands, signs and brochures in hand

In my exploration of Windsor Park’s real estate market, I’ve found that working with the right professionals and understanding the buying process are pivotal. Listing information, facilitated by MLS® systems, remains a critical resource for current and accurate market insights.

Real Estate Agents and Agencies

I’ve observed that prominent local agencies like RE/MAX Real Estate, MaxWell Polaris, and Royal LePage Noralta Real Estate play a significant role in representing homeowners in Windsor Park. Agents associated with these firms, notably Patricia Liviniuk and Logan Patterson, are well-regarded for their in-depth market knowledge and quality of services they provide. When selecting an agent, it’s important for sellers and buyers to identify professionals who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and are authorized to use the MLS® logo, assuring adherence to a controlled set of standards.

The Home Buying Process

From my first-hand experience, the home buying process in Windsor Park begins with pre-approval for financing, followed by an extensive search based on preferences such as number of beds and baths, essential for a well-informed decision-making process. Most residences feature the classic charm of construction primarily from before the 1960s, with availability dominated by single-family homes. Potential buyers typically prefer walking through the homes located near esteemed addresses such as 11831 Saskatchewan Drive and 11803 87 Avenue.

Listing Information and MLS®

MLS® Listings, courtesy of the Multiple Listing Service® operated by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, are indispensable for anyone interested in Windsor Park. They provide comprehensive data, including prices, photos, and detailed specifications such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For instance, a recent listing at 8938 Windsor Rd NW showcases a 5 bedroom (5 ba), 2 bathroom (2 ba) home, which reflects the standard of listings one might find on All listings are copyrighted and their use implies agreement with the terms of use and license associated with the CREA.

My observations are that the quality and depth of the listings vary, but they generally aim to give potential buyers a well-rounded view of what’s available in Windsor Park’s vibrant real estate market.


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